About Us

Our Mission

To positively impact the education of all students with an emphasis on those with special needs in the Ann Arbor School District by representing students and parents and guardians of students needing or receiving special education services, advocating improvements, acting as a resource for our constituents, staff, and administration, creating opportunities for education, reporting regularly, facilitating communication, clarifying process, and creating an actual link between our constituents and the administrators responsible for all aspects of special education in the Ann Arbor district.

Please join us at one of our upcoming monthly meetings!

What can AAPAC do for me?

AAPAC can provide resources, contact with new and experienced parents and guardians, an understanding of where the district is going and ensure the parents’ and guardians’ voice is heard in policy decisions. It is a source to help navigate the special education maze within AAPS.

The Executive Committee Members:

If you have any questions about your child and the special education process, please contact a PAC officer or your PAC building representative:

  • Melissa Epstein
  • Caryn Gerhke
  • Caroline Kaganov
  • Norma Martinez
  • Marci Sukenic
  • Amy Wilkins

You can reach the committee (and others) by sending a message to aapacexec@gmail.com

Our Webmaster is Valerie Mates.  You can send a message to her from here.

Last updated, October 5, 2022