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AAPAC – that is, us!


AAPS – Ann Arbor Public Schools



Advocacy / Mediation / Dispute Resolution

Also see our list of advocates, below.












Art Therapy

  • Johanna Mabry – specializes in autism – LMSW, MEd, ATR 734-657-8978
  • Susan Menard



Assistive Technology




See Lawyers






Behavioral Issues



Brain Injury



Camp – for kids with special needs



Celiac & Gluten-Free



Cerebral Palsy






Deafness and Hearing Impairment



Dentists (and Orthodontists) – local, for kids with special needs



Developmental Pediatricians



Developmental Disabilities






Down Syndrome






Early Childhood / Infancy / Preschool







– Places to have a child evaluated. Some do a neuropsych evaluation:



Fetal Alcohol



Financing a Disability

  • The Children’s Special Healthcare Services program (CSHCS) – provides a variety of assistance to families with a child with any of 2,700 physical conditions. Pays for healthcare, provides information, and can connect parents with each other.
  • The Medicaid waiver provides home and community services such as childcare and other services to a limited number of children around the state, chosen by prioritizing which families have the largest needs for the service.
  • Make A Wish, Michigan – grants wishes to children with critical illnesses
  • Easter Seals of Michigan – works to change the way the world defines and views disability by making profound, positive differences in people’s lives every day.
  • United Way of SE Michigan – improving lives and empowering every family to succeed by uniting around education, economic prosperity and health — the cornerstones of a strong, equitable community.



Individualized Education Plan (IEP)



Inclusion and Empowerment



Independent Living

  • Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living – nonprofit organization dedicated to the success of children, youth and adults with disabilities at home, at school, at work and in the community.
  • Intentional Communities of Washtenaw (ICW) – Creating a future where individuals with disabilities can share the common bond of community living in a supportive, dignified and productive manner.
  • Saint Louis Center – a residential home for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Homegrown Community is a local group that is working on creating a community where adults with special needs can live.



Laws and Rights




– for drawing up special needs trusts, guardianship, etc.:



Learning Disabilities



Mental Health / Mental Illness



Muscular Dystrophy




  • Martha Carlson at Pediatric Neurology at U of M – 734-936-4179
  • Several parents recommended Dr. Leber at U of M. They said that he listens especially well to their input.



Occupational Therapy



Parenting Classes

  • Local parent Melanie Sobocinski offers a class for parents of challenging children, with or without a diagnosis. More information is at at or, 734-272-7905. The plan is to to offer the live class 2-3 times per year, or more often upon request. A flyer is posted here.




  • A parent said that Dr. Jessica Fealy at Briarwood Center for Women, Children and Young Adults is fantastic with her kids, including one with significant special needs.
  • A parent said that Dr. Frei at IHA takes into account a child’s sensory issues and makes sure the child is comfortable and healthy.
  • A parent said that Dr. Langlois at U of M in Canton is compassionate, soft-spoken, listens well, gives parents the facts and lets the parents decide, and has identified medical issues.
  • A parent said that Dr. Beth Barclay at Liberty Pediatrics is thoughtful and gentle with all of her kids, and the whole staff there remembers her child’s sensory needs. If you call with a question, they have several nurses there who are absolutely amazing!



Physical Therapy

  • A parent went to Probility and had a good experience there






Recreation Therapy



Social Skills Groups



Siblings of kids with special needs

  • The Arc in Livingston County has a Sibshop support group



Adaptive Swim resources for kids with special needs

  • Jen Olk in Chelsea does adaptive swimming.
  • Lindsay Richardson does adaptive swim in a private pool on the west side of Ann Arbor



Testing and Evaluations






Toilet Training



Tourette’s Syndrome



Transition to Adulthood / Turning 18



Vision – including Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI)



WISD – Washtenaw Intermediate School District

WISD handles a variety of services for several school districts in southeastern Michigan. They provide certain special ed services for some counties, and offer resources and training.



Other Topics

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