Proposed Bylaw Changes


At the June 7, 2021 AAPAC meeting, board officers discussed proposed changes to AAPAC’s current governing bylaws. Per the current process, any changes to the bylaws must be discussed first and then voted on in a subsequent meeting. The June 7 meeting represents AAPAC’s first open discussion of changes to the bylaws.

Voting on the proposed changes will take place in a special meeting called for just that purpose. This meeting will be held on in September, over zoom (date and time TBD).

Here are our current bylaws and a draft revised version of the bylaws.

The changes to the bylaws are described below.

Proposed change Reason
Remove items not strictly relevant to bylaws. This includes: initial charter; Executive Committee roles and responsibilities; Building representative roles and responsibilities, and section titled “Issues and Goals.” Over time, roles, responsibilities, issues, and goals change. These sections have been moved into separate governing documents and so do not need to be part of the bylaws.
Simplify membership rules To reflect current structure
Revise member roles To reflect current structure
Remove areas for voting To reflect current activities
Revise voting requirements To require only simple majority in all cases except removal/complaint against a member
Remove requirement of transitional meeting To reflect current practice
Simplify language regarding “Grounds for Removal” For ease of use


Last updated July 22, 2021