What is AAPAC?

The Ann Arbor Parent Advisory Committee for Special Education (AAPAC) is a group of parents and guardians whose focus is on supporting children in AAPS who have IEPs or 504 Plans.

Our Executive Committee members and individual Building Representatives and Alternates provide parents and guardians with a helping hand to go to anytime with questions.

Here is the AAPAC Brochure.

The Executive Director of SISS is Dr. Marianne Fidishin. You can reach SISS at 734 994-2318, or check their SISS Staff page for more ways to reach them.

Here is the AAPAC Committee Report that Mary Duerksen gave to the Board of Education on June 28, 2017.  It gives a thorough description of what AAPAC does.

Here is an IEP Team Contact Form for a parent or guardian to keep track of the names and contact information for their child’s IEP service providers.  You can take it to IEP meetings to note service providers for the next school year, or to ask the special education teacher or case manager at the start of new school year. For contact information for SISS Assistant Directors, go to www.a2schools.org/Page/8746. For AAPAC Building Representatives, go to a2pac.wordpress.com/current-reps/.

Here is the 2018-2019 list of self-contained special ed classrooms by building.

2019-2020 Meeting Calendar

6:15 – 7 PM: individuals can bring concerns to the SISS team
7 – 8:30 PM: general meeting

Location: Tappan Middle School
2251 E. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor
Media Center (2nd Floor), unless otherwise noted below

  • Monday October 7: Meet and Greet with Administration: Dawn Linden, new Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Student Support Services and Marianne Fidishin, new Executive Director of Student Intervention and Support Services. (parent questions from meeting and AAPAC responses)
  • Monday November 4: Lessons learned from the beginning of the school year, a building-level transition survey for parents, and how AAPS prepares students and families for planned and unplanned changes in staffing and programs. Following the discussion of transitions, Dr. Fidishin will share with us what she sees as key structural issues that need to be addressed to move AAPS toward a successful inclusion model district based on her previous work. She will also provide a brief update on what to expect for next steps in developing the SISS Strategic Plan. (agenda)
  • Monday December 2: Topic: Safety and Security for Individuals with Disabilities, presented by Sgt. Eugene Rush – Community Engagement, Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department, and Jason Gold – Gem Advocacy Group (flyer with meeting info, agenda, minutes) – Presentation by Sgt. Eugene Rush with Q&A: How Law Enforcement is Prepared for Individuals with Disabilities & Presentation with Jason Gold with Q&A: SafeBeings™ application is a non-verbal communication tool actualizing personal safety for people with invisible and visible conditions or disabilities.
  • Monday January 6, 2020: Information on upcoming Safety Care Training for Parents (QBS) with Vicky James and David Barton, AAPS District BCBAs, then IEP 101 with Kristen Columbus, Michigan Alliance for Families (flyer, agenda, minutes)
  • Monday February 3 Building Level Transitions – What to Expect when your student moves up to Kindergarten, Middle, High, and Young Adult (flyer, agenda)
  • Monday March 2 – Summer Camp & Activities Fair – note alternate location at the WISD Teaching & Learning Center, 1819 S. Wagner Rd, 6:30 – 8 pm, in the Vogel A & B rooms. – Representatives from 20 local organizations who offer summer programming with disability accommodations or for children who have other special needs (flyer)
  • Monday April 6 – cancelled due to school closings and social distancing
  • Monday May 4 – cancelled due to school closings and social distancing
  • Monday June 8, 2020 – final parent meeting of the year via ZOOM, from 7-8:30pm with Special Education Mediation Services via Zoom. We will start the meeting with an update and recap of AAPAC Board work since our last meeting in March, and discuss parent liaison recruiting board elections for fall. Then Beth Kohler with Special Education Mediation Services (SEMS) will present on how parents can utilize the FREE services offered by SEMS to facilitate and mediate conversations with schools about IEPs and 504s. (agenda, slides)

Last updated June 8, 2020