What is AAPAC?

The Ann Arbor Parent Advisory Committee for Special Education (AAPAC) is a group of parents whose focus is on supporting children in AAPS who have IEPs or 504 Plans.

Our Executive Committee members and individual Building Representatives and Alternates provide parents with a helping hand to go to anytime with questions.

AAPAC Brochure

AAPS SISS Administrator Responsibility Chart 2017-18 – shows who to contact to troubleshoot IEP issues if you can’t resolve it with the school team and principal.  For issues with 504 plans, contact Terra Webster, AAPS’s 504 Coordinator, at webster@aaps.k12.mi.us.

AAPAC Committee Report that Mary Duerksen gave to the Board of Education on June 28, 2017.  It gives a thorough description of what AAPAC does.

Here is an IEP Team Contact Form for a parent or guardian to keep track of the names and contact information for their child’s IEP service providers.  You can take it to IEP meetings to note service providers for the next school year, or to ask the special education teacher or case manager at the start of new school year. For contact information for SISS Assistant Directors, go to www.a2schools.org/Page/8746 or a2pac.wordpress.com. For AAPAC Building Representatives, go to a2pac.wordpress.com/current-reps/.

2017 – 2018 Meeting Calendar

6:15 – 6:50 PM with SISS team
7 – 9 PM general meeting

Location: Tappan Middle School
2251 E. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor
Media Center (2nd Floor), unless otherwise noted below

Meeting Schedule:

  • October 2, 2017 (flyer, agenda, minutes)
  • November 6, 2017 (flyer, agendaslides from Access & Opportunity Team presentation, about 504 plans and McKenny Vento Homeless Assistance Act)
  • December 4, 2017 — Two Topics: “Including Samuel (Inclusive Schools Week, Dec. 4-8, 2017) “…(a documentary) film that captures the cultural and systemic
    barriers to inclusion,” and “The IEP Parent Input Letter: Why and How” will be presented by Heather Eckner and Patricia Memmott, A2IDEAS advocates.  You are encouraged to bring your child’s current IEP for reference during these presentations!  (agenda, video, slides and resources)
  • January 8, 2018 — Topic: How to Tell Your Child About their Disability, and How to Teach Your Child Self-Advocacy Skills – Nicole Mathes, PhD candidate, School Psychology, Michigan State University, Intern, Sunfield Center for Autism, ADHD and Behavioral Health
  • February 5, 2018
  • March 5, 2018
  • April 2, 2018
  • May 7, 2018
  • June 4, 2018

last updated 12-10-2017