What is AAPAC?

The Ann Arbor Parent Advisory Committee for Special Education (AAPAC) is a group of parents and guardians whose focus is on supporting children in AAPS who have IEPs or 504 Plans.

Our Executive Committee members and individual Building Representatives and Alternates provide parents and guardians with a helping hand to go to anytime with questions.

Here is the AAPAC Brochure.

The Executive Director of SISS is Dr. Marianne Fidishin. You can reach SISS at 734 994-2318, or check their SISS Staff page for more ways to reach them. Here is the 2021-2022 organization chart that gives you some info about who to contact about what.

Here is the AAPAC Committee Report that Mary Duerksen gave to the Board of Education on June 28, 2017.  It gives a thorough description of what AAPAC does.

Here is an IEP Team Contact Form for a parent or guardian to keep track of the names and contact information for their child’s IEP service providers.  You can take it to IEP meetings to note service providers for the next school year, or to ask the special education teacher or case manager at the start of new school year. For contact information for SISS Assistant Directors, go to www.a2schools.org/Page/8746. For AAPAC Building Representatives, go to a2pac.wordpress.com/current-reps/.

Here is the list of self-contained classrooms for 2021-2022.

Board Reports

Here is the AAPAC Report to the Board of Education from their 2/24/2021 meeting.

Here is the board’s statement from the 5/26/21 Board meeting regarding the district’s decision on before and aftercare.

2021-2022 Meeting Calendar

Meetings are held online for now. The link to join will be sent in an e-mail message from SISS.

  • Monday September 13 – We voted on some proposed bylaw changes. The proposal passed.
  • Monday October 4 –
    Part 1: Meet Student Intervention and Support Services (SISS) Administrators

    Each year we ask SISS to introduce themselves to parents. Dr. Marianne Fidishin, Executive Director of SISS, will introduce her team, including people who you may know but have new roles and other new faces in SISS for the 2021-22 school year.

    Part 2: Changes to Special Education Services to Improve Inclusion for Middle School Students

    One aspect of the student experience that AAPS is working hard to re-envision and improve is the way special education supports are delivered to middle school students. Each student, regardless of disability, has the right to be educated, to the greatest extent possible, in their general education classroom alongside their peers. Student Intervention and Support Services (SISS) staff have been working closely with building administrators and teachers to deliver grade-level instruction in new ways. Shalyn Furton (Differentiation and Inclusion Coordinator), Sarah Pope (Assistant Director, SISS), and Janine Harper (Assistant Director, SISS) will present a series of systemic steps to better promote inclusion that are being implemented this year, and discuss how SISS anticipates applying the foundation of this work at all grade levels.

    You can view the meeting at this link. IMPORTANT: You will need to enter the password Ai&NeVT0 to see it.

  • Monday November 1 – Welcome, Introductions, and SISS Responsibility Chart Updates. Michigan Alliance for Families – Meet the Parent Mentor and Resources: This month we met Amy Sanderson, the Washtenaw County Regional Parent Mentor with Michigan Alliance for Families. Michigan Alliance for Families is a statewide resource to connect families of children with disabilities to resources to help improve their children’s education – helping to facilitate parent involvement as a means of improving educational services and outcomes for students with disabilities. Amy will guide us through the resources available through Michigan Alliance for Families website, with special emphasis on communication advocacy and dispute resolution.

    You can view the recording of the meeting: at this link. IMPORTANT: You will need to enter this passcode to see it: M90.TxP!

  • Next meeting: Monday December 6:

    Pre-meeting conferences with SISS administrators are available before the main program. This year there is just 1 Zoom link – meetings with SISS before the meeting will occur via breakout rooms. Please see e-mail from SISS for the Zoom link, and see below for meeting information:

    6:15 – 7:00 p.m. Individual parent conferences with SISS leadership. Administrators will meet with parents for up to 10 minutes on a first-come, first serve basis. Log into the main Zoom meeting and you will be matched with the Assistant Director or 504 Coordinator based on your child’s school or program to meet in a breakout room so conferences can remain private.

    Main Program
    7:00 – 7:10 p.m. Welcome and Introductions
    7:10 – 7:55 p.m. IEP 101 – Present Levels Statement and the Impact of Parent Involvement with Q&A

    An essential part of every Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for students who qualify for special education services is the Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance statement. Jerron Bryant and Elena Girolamo, the AAPS Coordinators for Compliance and Supports, will present on IEP basics, and focus on parent participation and the present level statement as a driving force behind the rest of the IEP. Bring your questions and suggestions for future topics that may be incorporated into additional presentations.

    7:55 – 8:15 p.m. Building Liaison Coordination and Check-In
    We also invite all building liaisons and those interested in participating as a liaison or in other roles in AAPAC to join in a brief conversation.

  • January, 2022 – date TBD to avoid first night back from winter break
  • Monday February 7
  • March – date TBD to coordinate with WISD PAC for Summer Activities Fair
  • April – date TBD to avoid first night back from spring break
  • Monday May 2
  • Monday June 6 – Election of Officers, Welcome 2022-23 Building Liaisons and Program

Last updated December 3, 2021